California Cave Life Symposium


Now you can download these educational talks from the Symposium. The symposium was April 28, 2018, at the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.







A series of 9 slide talks by William R. Elliott, Shannon Bennett, Geo Graening, Darrell Ubick, Rolf Aalbu, Jean Krejca/Steve Taylor, D. Craig Rudolph, Tom Rickman and Barb Andrews. With a book signing and panel discussion by the authors present, Bruce Rogers, and Joel Despain.


These slide talks were produced with images and sound tracks, and are copyrighted, ©2018, by William R. Elliott, the speakers, and photographers. These slide shows are intended for free educational use. No re-use for sale or reformatting is allowed without written permission from William R. Elliott, representative of all speakers.


Thanks to all the speakers, panelists, and photographers: Rolf Aalbu, Kym Abrams, Jessica Blois, Peter Bosted, Dave Bunnell, Stan Cunningham, Joel Despain, William R. Elliott, Marshal Hedin, Jean Krejca, Joel M. Ledford, Gary Nafis, D. Craig Rudolph, and Steven J. Taylor.


Below, in chronological order, are links to PowerPoint files (.pptx) and matching video files (.wmv) of the recorded talks with embedded sound tracks. The PowerPoint files are more compact but only play in PowerPoint if one follows the Note below.


Note: When you download and then open a PowerPoint file, PowerPoint may give you a “Protected View” with a yellow ribbon near the top of the screen. It says “This file originated from an Internet location and might be unsafe.” Just ignore that, click “Enable Editing”, then go to Slide Show, and click “Play from Beginning”. If you do not enable editing, the slides will advance automatically, but the embedded sound track will not play.


The video version of each talk (.wmv) will show on most computers in your favorite media player. Download the files you want and play them. One can pause, rewind, and fast forward these video files. (Sorry, no streaming video is available on this website.)








1 intro.pptx                                                      14 MB, 7:59 (7 mins. 59 secs.). A PowerPoint slide show. Dr. Shannon Bennett and Dr. William R. Elliott introduce the symposium.


1 intro.wmv                                                     47 MB, 7:59, video format. Download it and play it on your own computer or at a meeting.



2 Graening intro.pptx                                      26 MB    Dr. Geo Graening, Introducing The Cave Fauna of California. A concise history of California cave studies and cave life.


2 Graening intro.wmv                                     165 MB, 29:55


3 Ubick arachnids.pptx                                    97 MB   CAS arachnologist Darrell Ubick, Cave Arachnids of California.        

3 Ubick arachnids.wmv                                   166 MB, 30:27   

4 Aalbu beetles.pptx                                        69 MB     Dr. Rolf Aalbu,  Beetles and Caves: Adaptations, unusual California fauna.       

4 Aalbu beetles.wmv                                       172 MB, 25:28   

5 Krejca studies.pptx                                       57 MB          Dr. Jean Krejca and Dr. Steve Taylor, Cave Biology Studies and Photography at National Parks.

Jean shares some of her macrophotography skills.      


5 Krejca studies.wmv                                      137 MB, 25:16    

6 Rudolph Conservation.pptx                          99 MB         Dr. D. Craig Rudolph, The Cave Fauna of California and Conservation: The New Melones Connection.

                                                                        Craig recounts the New Melones Dam project in the mid-1970s and how that led to a series of field studies and

increased knowledge of California cave life.


6 Rudolph Conservation.wmv                         231 MB, 33:15

7 Elliott biogeography.pptx                            51 MB          Dr. William R. (Bill) Elliott, California Cave Biogeography and Biodiversity.           

7 Elliott biogeography.wmv                            213 MB, 37:44   

8 Rickman Andrews Lassen NF.pptx              35 MB          Tom Rickman, Development of a Cave Inventory Program on the Lassen National Forest. Barb Andrews, the tie-in the the California

                                                                        Academy of Sciences.


8 Rickman Andrews Lassen NF.wmv              77 MB, 13:14   

9 panel.pptx                                                     32 MB          The authors sign books, then are joined by guest experts, Bruce Rogers and Joel Despain, to answer questions from the audience.

9 panel.wmv                                                    232 MB, 35:08




Download free pdf of book The Cave Fauna of California



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