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This website is for sharing information and literature about cave biology or biospeleology, speleobiology, subterranean biology, groundwater biology, and related subjects such as biogeography, ecology, systematics, and evolutionary studies. Cave biologists and cavers are invited to send me files to post. Email me at speodesmus@gmail.com


Journal:  Cuevas Históricas and the book, Caving With Mitch  (free download)

Other Links:

Newsletters   Scanned and OCR’d (optical character recognition) old newsletters of the UT Grotto (Austin) and SWT Grotto (San Marcos). You can download zip files with 44 UTG newsletters and 5 SWTG newsletters. Now posted on Dropbox to simplify linking.


Astyanax cavefishes    See the abstract, contents, and download selected chapters and appendices from the 2018 book, The Astyanax Caves of Mexico. Or download the whole book and regional map (large pdfs) from the Papers by Elliott et al. page.

Cave Maps of Mexico   Continuing to update the map database from the literature.

Videos:  Two videos: Elliott’s 58-min. Zoom talk, Cavefishes of Mexico: Biology and Hydrogeology (2020), about the 13 species of cavefishes in Mexico. (The Zoom recording was truncated because of time limits, but I re-recorded it in higher quality.)  Plus, a video from Zoom, the 30-min. discussion after the cavefishes talk with the Bexar Grotto, San Antonio, Texas, and a couple of experts from Mexico. You can stream it or download it.

California Cave Life   Download the 2017 book, The Cave Fauna of California, and talks from the 2018 Symposium at the California Academy of Sciences.

Papers by Elliott et al.   Download the papers.

The Hall of Texas and Mexico Cavers  has moved to the TSA website, https://www.cavetexas.org/ Look in the “Who We Are” menu.




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